Consulting Services

We contracted with Nancy to coordinate the reengineering of our scholarship administration process and to assess the Financial Aid Office.  She exceeded our expectations. Without Nancy’s leadership, our scholarship reengineering project would not have been as comprehensive or successful.  Nancy was also a tremendous help to me as an enrollment management leader by providing education and guidance on national financial aid best practices and by connecting me with other universities for benchmarking.  Nancy is highly professional, personable, and completely responsive to her clients and engages staff in solution-oriented thinking. We will definitely seek out her assistance in future projects. 

Tina McEntire
Associate Provost for Enrollment Management,
UNC Charlotte

Back in 2009, American University (AU) embarked on an aggressive journey to begin planning for how to address the ever widening service gap that students were facing in dealing with business processes in the Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Accounts, and Office of Financial Aid. Nancy led the entire planning and implementation phase for this multi-year initiative at AU. It was a challenge and a delicate balance making sure all representatives across business and academic units had their diverse opinions heard, but at the end of the day it was critical the group collectively agree on a model that would best support student services at AU. With Nancy’s guidance, the group recommended creating AU Central, AU’s first student services unit. Nancy was instrumental in getting the group to identify and re-engineer over 80 business processes, to provide a more meaningful and simpler student experience. Nancy’s leadership and critical thinking contributed immensely towards paving the way for redesigned student services at AU.

Dave Swartz
Chief Information Officer,
American University

 One Stop

For more than a decade, Nancy Sinsabaugh has been a leader in the development and continuous improvement of integrated student service organizations or “One Stops” for colleges and universities. The University of Minnesota One Stop Student Services was implemented with her thoughtful and strategic leadership, and she continues to guide colleges and universities through the maze of decisions necessary for the launch of a successful One Stop. I heartily recommend her as a consultant to any school that would like to start a new or improve an existing One Stop.

Julie Selander
Director, One Stop Student Services,
University of Minnesota

The direction that Nancy Sinsabaugh provides has been key to the successful implementation of our one-stop “Solution Center”. She brings a well-researched and proven systematic approach that helped our team develop a program that implemented best practice while integrating important elements that are distinctive at UMass Lowell. The work completed in the business process redesign phase has enabled the home offices (registrar, bursars, and financial aid) to improve and expand the services which remain with them. I recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking to implement a similar approach to servicing the needs of students.

Thomas Taylor
Dean of Enrollment and Student Success,
University of Massachusetts Lowell


One of Nancy’s key characteristics is that she deeply understands that projects replacing student information systems or consolidating student affairs front end support are about the people and the business first. In other words, she understands that the correct order is people, process, policy and finally technology. She champions and assures that the staff members are fully prepared to take business ownership of the new processes before she leaves as opposed to so many implementations that leave business offices floundering and students unserved. I met Nancy early in my career as a CIO so she acted as much as a coach for me as she did as the leader for the project team. I learned many things from her, from a more sophisticated view of vendor and consultant management than I previously had, to a better understanding of the end to end view or ecosystem view of the business practices of the university. Working closely with her validated what I believed needed to change within both the functional offices and in IT to support the new systems and helped me do this at two different universities on three different projects. I now have an informed perspective and knowledge that allows me to speak with confidence and credibility at the President’s table on key issues such as impacting student retention and implications of changing the paradigm of tuition pricing.

Martyne Hallgren
Bellevue University


Like many institutions, Indiana University faced many financial aid challenges in implementing its new PeopleSoft financial aid system in the fall of 2004. Nancy Sinsabaugh was instrumental in helping us prioritize our operational and business process issues at that difficult time. Her experiences and recommendations were particularly beneficial as we began a process to create a centralized unit to support the financial aid activities on our seven camp- uses. In reality, her contributions in a few short months were evident at many levels: visioning, strategic direction and business processes. Several senior executives told me that ‘Nancy provided the best consultant report ever submitted to IU.

Arthur Lindeman,
Financial Management Services,
Indiana University